How To Increase Life Of Your Car’s Engine?
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  1. Minimize short trips- when you have to buy groceries or make small errands remember you could always use that walk for your health and your cars too! Yes, your car’s engine could use a rest, what we mean here is that the constant heating and cooling of the engine could result in much more damage than running it for a long interval at its normal, try to combine your small errands into one trip.

  2. Use synthetic oil- just you need your water, keeping you from being dehydrated or least thirsty, your car’s engine needs its oil. Using any kind of ill cheap oil wont do good rather harm your car’s engine health. The use of synthetic motor oil not only ensures increased your car performance but also protect the moving components of the car’s motor.
  3. Keep the gas tank full-when u keep you gas low or near empty the dust and debris form near the tank of the bottom of the engine and when its nearly finish these dust and debris enter the engine, contaminating it. for keeping your engine from contaminating you must keep your engine a quarter or more full.
  4. Install a fresh fuel filter, installing a fresh fuel filter will be a small must check the car’s manual how often this needs to be changed. The fuel filter will ensure that polluted gasoline does not make its way to the engine.
  5. Keep up with oil changes of course one must always keep change their motor’s oil to elongate the years to their car and make sure enough lubrications are given and metal on metal friction is prevented.
  6. Change the air filter. oxygen is necessary fuel mixture for the engine to work properly, if under any circumstance your air filter clogs or breaks then the loss of oxygen may result in major engine problems.

If you do not keep up with scheduled maintenance or drive your car regularly under harsh conditions you will likely find yourself in need of major engine repair or more likely engine replacement.

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